Preformed Driven Piles

Preformed Driven Piles

Driven preformed piles remain a popular foundation solution in Australia, particularly in marine conditions and on bridge structures. An advantage of driven piles is that they can be economically tested to determine pile resistance using dynamic methods. Preformed piles are also particularly effective in dealing with very soft soils as there is no propensity for the piles to bulge or oversize during casting as can occur with bored techniques.

One of the main advantages of driven piles over many cast in-situ systems is the ability to back figure pile capacity from the driving resistance. Today, Vibropile monitors driving energy and driving stresses in real time during pile installation using the latest Pile Driving Analyser (PDA) equipment and  software. In locations which are remote or difficult to access, we can also remotely monitor pile driving activity meaning we are never far from the job, no matter how remote the site.

Vibropile has a range of hydraulic and vibratory hammers to suit any application. The use of large,  purpose-built equipment such as our F3500 piling rigs with 40m masts, means that Vibropile can pitch longer piles than many of our competitors, thus reducing or eliminating the time consuming and costly need to splice piles.

The range of preformed driven piles installed by Vibropile

  • Steel tube sections (CHS)
  • Steel UC and UB sections
  • Prestressed concrete piles
  • Composite sections (prestressed concrete and steel)
  • Sheet piling