Construction Control & Performance Verification

Construction Control & Performance Verification

As the first piling contractor in Australia and one of the first in the world to introduce full computer instrumentation onto all of our CFA and displacement piling rigs in the early 1990's, Vibropile has an established reputation for quality and technical excellence. With nearly twenty years and four generations of instrumentation experience, Vibropile is the industry leader in computer instrumented pile construction.


The latest generation of construction monitoring equipment allows Vibropile to monitor in real time and record all key aspects of the pile construction process from drilling rates and installation energy through to concreting pressures and flow rates. Built in alarm systems also alert our operators should key aspects of the construction process not comply with our construction procedures.

Our on board computers are also linked by wireless telemetry to the office meaning that full pile construction records for every pile are downloaded to our office within minutes of the pile being constructed. These records are reviewed by our engineers who check for conformance against our construction procedures. These systems, plus our experienced engineering judgement, form the cornerstone of our construction quality control.

Our ability to provide detailed construction records for every CFA and displacement pile provides our clients with the confidence that their projects are being constructed to the highest standard in the industry.


Vibropile's in house testing company Pile Test International (PTI) has been performing static, dynamic, statnamic and integrity testing for over ten years.

Our purpose-built 20 tonne test hammer is one of the largest in Australia and allows us to dynamically load test piles up to 1200mm diameter with capacities of up to 40,000kN. Our in house testing capability allows us to verify pile performance against our design assumptions on every design and construct contract. This feedback on our pile performance is then used to optimise future designs and is yet another way that Vibropile continues to improve its performance and deliver outstanding performance for its clients.